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Investing In Incredible Auto Accessories

I have always been one of those people who loves riding in a car that looks as good as it operates, which was one of the reasons I started investing in auto accessories in the first place. It was really incredible to see how much of a difference new seat covers and a nicer gear shifter made, especially when it came to the first impressions other people had of my car, my lifestyle, and my personal attention to detail. This blog is all about investing in better auto accessories and knowing how to add them into your life without breaking the bank.


Auto Window Tint ~ The Must-Know Info For All

Tinting car windows is something that is often done for aesthetic purposes, but perhaps you have also heard that car window tinting can reduce the amount of heat in your vehicle. This is something that is particularly important if you live in certain climates that are hot year-round or have extremely hot summers. The following are a few points to keep in mind as you explore your window tint options.

Factory Tint

Perhaps your vehicle was purchased with what appears to be window tint. This is likely a factory process that was added for aesthetic effects. The process involves dying auto glass to give it a "tinted appearance," but its heat blocking is not the same as window film and tint. You will notice a considerable difference in the heat in your vehicle if you opt to get window tint installed over your dyed windows. Think of factory processing as adding pigmentation to glass and window tint as the added protection needed to block ultraviolet rays and heat. 

Basic Tint

This is generally a standard window tint that is available at car window tinting shops. It is a favorable option because it is usually affordable and performs well at blocking out UV rays and heat. It is usually a dark see-through tint. 

Black Tint

This is an option that some people find difficult to understand. That is because black tint has been labeled as a controversial window accessory in certain jurisdictions. However, black tint looks appealing on virtually any color vehicle making it the first choice for many people. If you have concerns about the use of black tint in your area and legalities, a window tinting shop is a good resource to use to ensure that you comply with the laws in your area. 

Metallic Tint

These window tints have a mirror-type of appearance. They block heat by reflecting UV rays away from vehicles. Metallic tints are often used on sports cars that are used in car shows. You might appreciate using them because they offer a glitzy appearance and excellent heating blocking.

Clear Tint

This is an ideal option for individuals who want the heat and UV blocking properties that window tint offers but do not want to change the appearance of their vehicles. It is also ideal if you are a conservative individual. It is a clear film that adheres to windows. When applied by professionals, the clear film will appear seamless. Amateur installations might be riddled with defects such as air bubbles that make it obvious you have window film on your windows. 

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