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Investing In Incredible Auto Accessories

I have always been one of those people who loves riding in a car that looks as good as it operates, which was one of the reasons I started investing in auto accessories in the first place. It was really incredible to see how much of a difference new seat covers and a nicer gear shifter made, especially when it came to the first impressions other people had of my car, my lifestyle, and my personal attention to detail. This blog is all about investing in better auto accessories and knowing how to add them into your life without breaking the bank.

Benefits Of Controlling Your Smartphone With Your Car's Display Screen

When you shop for a vehicle, there are all sorts of details that you need to consider. Many cars today have display screens in the center console, and lots of makes and models support technology that allows you to wirelessly sync your smartphone with the car. This technology means that several of your phone's apps will appear on the car's screen; in some ways, the screen will look like a magnified version of your phone screen. Here are some benefits of controlling your smartphone with your car's display screen.


The biggest benefit of controlling your phone with your car's display screen is that doing so is safer. Handling your phone while you drive can be very dangerous, as you'll be taking your eyes off the road to look at the screen. Even if you look down for just a few seconds, things can quickly change on the road in front of you — potentially resulting in a collision. When you sync your phone to your car's screen, you'll be able to tap certain app icons without barely removing your eyes from the road. This won't be much different than briefly looking over to change the temperature in the car.

Stay Informed

It's a good decision to commit to not handling your cellphone while you're driving. Unfortunately, this idea has its drawbacks in some scenarios. If you spend a lot of time driving for your job, you may miss out on messages from colleagues and clients until you park and check the phone. When you sync your smartphone with your car's display screen, you'll be able to easily stay informed. For example, when you receive a text message or an email, you can tap the screen and have the message read aloud through the car's speakers. This will allow you to stay up to date on what is going on, all without frequently stopping to scroll through your messages.

Tidy Look

Some people connect their smartphones to the center console of their car with a cable, allowing them to listen to music while they drive. When you wirelessly connect your phone with the display screen, you'll not only be driving safer and staying informed, but you'll also be keeping the front area of your vehicle tidy. Long cables can be messy, creating obstacles in front of you that you may not want. The syncing method means that you can leave your cable in the glovebox or even at home, as you won't need it. 

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